Introducing RigMove!

A picture is worth a thousand words
RigMove App's time-stamped pictures in reports saves thousands of dollars!


RigMove App is a real-time reporting tool that connects industry teams from Rig Superintendent, Rig Managers, Logistics Teams, Safety all the way to 3rd party contractors

Works offline

That's right! You can keep working until you have a network connection and everything will be synced automatically to the cloud

Easy to use

User interface is simple enough to guarantee ZERO learning curve

You own your data

You are in control! Choose what to report and what to keep for your own records


Time-stamped rig pictures that assists the drilling industry stay updated on rig events on the ground as they unfold


We are on a mission to make rig move reporting fast and easy. Real rig move data... Better decisions.

  • Clutter free design

    Easy on eyes and easy to navigate

  • Reporting on the go

    Generate daily reports form your data

  • Any platform

    No need to spend extra. We got you covered!

  • Customer support

    We are here for you 24/7

  • Beautiful reports

    Your employer will love you the more

  • Affordable

    We promise not to break your wallet

  • Document filing

    Store unlimited rig documents and photos

  • Custom notes

    Journal your work for future reference


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Even more features

Capture events as they happen during a rig move. The app will automatically capture your location and date-time stamp. Add a quick note on the picture. Share it with your boss immediately or wait to send it in the daily report.
Each rig move is unique with many moving parts and possibly a lot of paperwork. Organize your rig move documents, presentations, videos, receipts or free entry notes here.
At the end of the day, hit the report generator button and we reward your hard work with a PDF attachment that can be delivered to your boss via email or file sharing apps on your device. Reports can be generated over a custom date range too.
Oil mining often occurs in remote areas where data coverage is limited. With offline capability, you can take as many photos, notes and documents on the field as you like. When you have connection, we will do the rest to ensure your data is synced to your cloud storage.

How It Works

Please follow the instruction to install the app.

  • Install app

    Visit App Store or Play Store and search "RigMoveApp" or click on links below

  • Register Account

    You will receive a 14 days free trial

  • Customize settings

    Configure report and sync options. Set your timezone

  • Ready to go

    Start by registering your rig, then start recording data for the rig

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